Hanul Conitei is closed for renovation until the 31st May! Reservations can be made starting the 1st of June.

Location Hanul Conitei Pension Sovata

Recently built (2009), Hanul Conitei Sovata is an elegant holiday resort that will welcome those who know to appreciate quality, seeking an escape from daily life in a relaxing environment. It is ideal for those who want to combine a holiday in comfort and atmosphere of a resort with various entertainment and activities.

The inn is located 1.5 km from downtown Sovata, in a quiet area with much sun and a great panorama.

Sovata, str. Caprioarei no. 61, 545500,
Mures County, Romania

Hanul Conitei Pension Sovata's Surroundings

SOVATA, unique mountain resort in Europe thanks to the saline thermal lake Bear and the balneoclimateric properties which tourists can benefit from. The resort is situated at an altitude between 475-530m, 65 km from Targu Mures, 75 km from Sighisoara and 200 km from Brasov.

The symbols of Sovata are Bear Lake (46,000 m2), Alunis Lake (9,000 m2), Green Lake (5.000m2), Black Lake, Red Lake, Ouzel Lake and Snakes Lake with water chlorine (high concentration of 40 to 250 g / liter) and sodium , presenting the phenomena helio thermal (in the summer water temperature varies depending on solar heat accumulation in the salt water, hot water being protected by a layer of fresh water from the rivulets, which does not mix with the salt water, but remains on the surface, serving as a thermal isolation). This makes that in the summer the temperature of the Bear Lake (18.4 m deep), the largest helio thermal lake to vary between 24-28 ° C at the surface, 30-40 ° C at a depth of 1 m, and 40-60 ° C at a depth of 1.5 m.

The resort is mainly indicated for the treatment of gynecological diseases (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis, impotence) and for degenerative diseases, rheumatism and inflammation (spondylosis cervical, dorsal and lumbar, arthrosis), posttraumatic (healed after surgery to joints, muscles, bones, sprains and strains), diseases of the peripheral nervous system (light paresis, sequelae of poliomyelitis, polinevrite), endocrine disorders, cardiovascular disease.

In Sovata you can find multiple facilities (for warm baths in the bathtub or pool with mineral water taken from the salt lakes; for gynecological treatments and applications of warm mud, pools for kinetotherapy, installations for electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, sauna, medical gyms; beaches on the shores of Bear Lake and Lake Alunis.

Sovata is recommended for spa cure, for the resort, for rest, recreation, mini trips in weekend.


  • Clubs with games, conferences, symposia, etc.
  • Discos
  • ski track with chairlift and baby ski in Sovata (8 km from the resort) and two ski tracks at 25 km on the road Praid - Gheorgheni
  • salt mine with based treatment at 6 km from Sovata.

During the summer season, the number of people who visited the salt mine and patients who are treated here are about 2500-3000/day.

  • Trout from Campul Cetatii (17 km)
  • Corund Village, a great center of ceramic art and crafts
  • Red Lake (75 km)